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About Amelink

A leading address for sixty years

In 1951 our granddad Bernhard Amelink opened a shop in Enschede where he sold products such as furniture and bed linens. The shop was a major success and he set up several more shops based on the same concept, including one in Tilburg in 1961. In 1971 his son Jos moved to Tilburg with his wife, Els, to manage the business. What was a temporary project at first has become a permanent love affair: in 1974 Jos and Els Amelink officially took over the business. Over time, they specialised more and more as interior decorators, the profession they loved so much. Since 1990 Amelink Exclusieve Interieurs has been established in the charming old wool mill at Goirkekanaaldijk in Tilburg. Here, the true devotee of classy interiors can really indulge, as, over the past sixty years, Amelink has grown into an inspiring shop, which is in a league of its own and offers one of the largest collections in the Benelux countries. By now, the third generation of Amelinks has also moved into the business. Daughter Ninke has found her heart's destination in creating dream interiors in her job as an interior decorator.

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