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Selection classic furniture shops

Amelink Exclusive Interiors is located in a former woolen mill Tilburg. The exterior of the building was recently adapted to the new corporate identity.

Geboren fürs Einrichten

Ein knisterndes Kaminfeuer und zahlreiche Kersen tauchen den Raum in sanftes, romantisches Licht. Das gesamte Interieur zeugt von einer ungeheuren Harmonie und verbreitet wohlige Wärme.

Artikel in Romantisch Wohnen (PDF)

"Classic is not
the same als old-fashioned"

Ninke Amelink about the evolution and future of the traditional housing style. "Classicly styles interior is and remains my favourite”, says Ninke Amelink of Amelink Exclusieve Interieurs fromTilburg with certainty. “A lot of people agree. Nothing matches the warmth you can achieve with classical elements in an interior. Warmth that makes a house, home."

Article in Wonen Landelijke Stijl (PDF)

Perfection as a standard

Next year Amelink Exclusive Interiors will be a landmark in the national and international living world for sixy years. This is not for nothing: the exclusive company in the province of Brabant distinguishes itself in unique and beautiful creations of high quality. "Our interiors have a luxurious, warm and classic contemporary look", says interior decorator Ninke Amelink.

Article in Excellent Leven & Wonen (PDF)

Hip & Happening

In the new lifestyle program Hip & Happening Marielle Bastiaansen shows what's Hip & Happening in Brabant.

Hip & Happening episode 3 (brabant10.nl)

Endless enjoyment by the fire

Report in the magazine Decoreren Landelijke Stijl - najaar 2010.

Article in Decoreren Landelijke Stijl (PDF)

Report Ninke Amelink

In the old woolen mill where Tilburg Amelink Interiors has been located for over twenty five years, Ninke Amelink feels like a fish in the water...

Article in More Than Classic (PDF)

Dreamhouse in English style

Pure warmth. It emanates from the thatched house of Renée en her husband Frans. And it's not just the six fireplaces...

Article in Wonen Landelijke Stijl (PDF)


The fireplace is on and the candles are burning. Here it's warm, cozy and beautiful!

Article in WES (PDF)

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